Less Than Lethal Self Defense Products

About us

Hello, my name is Lance Murray, and welcome to our store.  Less Than Lethal Self-Defense is a family owned and operated business.  Our goal is to be your trusted source of top quality less than lethal self-defense tools and information while providing excellent customer service.  I focus on the most reliable and effective products available.  We want you be protected and feel confident that they will keep you safe.  There are hundreds of top-quality products out there, but I can’t carry them all, however I will be expanding the selection continuously, giving you more to choose from.  All the products here have a no hassle lifetime warrantee.  I look forward to serving you, knowing my products will do a great job at helping you to stay safe and un-harmed.  We thank you for your business.

Our Popular Blog

Be sure to check out our blog www.lessthanlethalselfdefenseblog.com  There is a wealth of helpful information, personal account stories, and product evaluations for your benefit, and when you sign up to become a member of the blog you will receive discounts on products, and monthly specials emailed to you.  Visit the Blog and become a member today.

3% of all profits

We will be donating 3% of our profit to organizations that help battered and rapped women, so keep that in mind when you purchase our products, you will be helping others, and feel free to recommend any organization that you feel worthy.